PLC and PC controlled automation solutions.

We study your requirement and suggest optimum automation models like PLC control + MMI/ SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) or PC control etc.  We do not promote any specific brand of control devices and so independent on device selection to provide optimum result. For companies already using a particular brand of PLC and wish to go further with the same brand in new requirements for ease of maintenance, we are the right choice for your service.

Application specific SCADA development: A very coast effective solution for machine manufactures to bundle SCADA software along with their machine.

We develop custom SCADA for pharmaceutical and food processing machines (US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant).

Camera input in SCADA for process monitoring/ recording.

Machine Vision Applications: PC based image processing applications for non-contact measurement and control.

Wireless applications for monitoring remotely located units.  This helps to supervise and compare unit’s performance distributed across a wide area.

Application for plant monitoring: Parameters include temperature, humidity, levels, energy consumption, etc. These parameters from different plant locations are centrally monitored on a computer using industrial RS-485 network.

Our customizable commonly used products/ utility applications.

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Optimum Weighbridge Register Optimum Visitor Registor Optimum Data Logger Optimum Checkweigher