Weighbridge Software (works with all makes)


Weighbridge software with a different caliber.

  1.  Works with any make of weighbridge. Easy to use(no setup, simply copy & paste). Can be installed on other PCs for report, search record etc.

  2.  Works with MS Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 both 32 and 64 bit versions.

  3.  Powerful report generation tool, various types of report generation, printing, e-mailing & exporting from program.

  4.  Protected audit logs to monitor weighbridge operations to ensure data security.

  5.   Images during weighing are recorded along with time stamp and weight. This helps to ensure vehicle is positioned correctly on weighbridge.

  6. Two levels of user access for the program (Administrator & Operator).

  7.  Powerful report generating tool. Report tool can generate a variety of reports for detailed analysis; can run on multiple computers to save time and paper.

  8. Reports can Email directly (to ensure genuine data) from the program. 

  9. Reports export facility to other applications like MS Excel.

10. Extra five data fields, which are definable and activate by user as per requirement.

11. Easy to search & locate old records, shows records along with recorded images (can zoom the image).

12. Easy to digest help file with pictures.

13. Easy to use data backup and restore facility.

14. Single click for resetting data for a fresh beginning. Need to login as Administrator. Automatically takes a backup of existing data before resetting.

15. Zero maintenance cost, once switched to this software. May continue service with existing people, if any.

All this for a very nominal coast (Lifetime licensing)

We customize the application more precise to your requirements (like linking to your ERP software, automatic gate open/ close, lamp indication etc.), if needed. If your weighbridge is handled by the gate people, then our Visitor Register application can be combined with weighbridge software. Please have a look our Visitor Register link.