Weighbridge Software
(works with all makes of weighbridges)

Weighbridge software with a different calibre.

A user-friendly and powerful weighbridge software which makes your weighing operations reliable. You can choose Basic or Advanced version of software depending on your requirement. Features are briefed below with single copy unlimited usage license. Zero software maintenance cost once switched to this software and your existing weighbridge service person/ systems staff can handle any maintenance required. This program works with all versions of MS Windows.

We customize the application more precise to your requirements, like linking to your ERP software, automatic gate open/ close, lamp indication, operate from multiple locations, integrate multiple weighbridges, etc. If your weighbridge is handled by staffs at gate, then our Visitor Register application can be combined with weighbridge software. Please Contact us for more details.

Basic Version Features:-

Advanced Version add on Features:-

Sample weighbridge slip with snaps taken during weight recording.

Sample weighbridge slip without snaps.

Multi level user access to the program with Administrator having top privileges.

By selecting Record History, user can view and use old weighing records.

Reports windows with robust features.

Easy to understand help window with screen shots helps to start using without any training.

Program settings window of different versions.

Weighbridge software basic version user interface screen(no advance version features).

User interface screen of two weighbridges connected to one computer.

Weighbridge software customized interface screens.