Spray Dryer SCADA (US FDA 21CFR compliant)

1. Three levels of password protected user access

Operator: Cycle start, stop, alarm acknowledgement, view  cycle logs & trends and print cycle data & trend chart,  change Operator password.

Manager: Operator level functions + set machine parameters, select recipe as well as create different recipes, change Manager and Operator password.

Administrator:  Manager level functions + view & print audit and alarm logs, purge recipe, change Administrator, Manager and Operator password.  Permission to change PC-PLC communication settings, set GSM number for reporting status.

2.  Encrypted password and data protection.

3. Audit and Alarm logs with operator ID and time stamp.

Event logs like program start and stop,   alarm scenarios with details,  alarm acknowledgement details,  parameter settings details,  recipe files creation and deletion logs,  user login access,  password change, etc.

4. Restricted access to Audit and Alarm logs.

5. Report printing and data export facility.

6. Online and offline trend chart.

7. Network connectivity for remote access.